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Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter together have several billion users. Of these, hundreds of millions of users are active on at least one of these social networks every day. That’s why social media offers gigantic opportunities for self-promotion for private individuals, artists, freelancers and small or large companies. 

Social networks are no longer just for exchanging messages between friends. They have now become the media of the Internet. The radio and television of the Internet generation, so to speak. The mix of social networks and media makes them social media. Advertising and self-marketing in social networks is therefore called social media marketing. 

The focus of social media marketing is to build a large and vibrant fan base. Lively means that the fans (followers, subscribers) look at your posts (views), comment and like. Unfortunately, the billions of users are not only an opportunity, but also a risk that your posts will be lost in the flood of postings. 

With the Buy-Likes strategy you do not go down in the mass. Buying fans and followers is a particularly fast and inexpensive method to discreetly increase your own fan base. In combination with buying likes, buying comments or even buying views, you can increase the relevance, reach and ranking of your profile and your posts. That’s why many stars, influencers, artists and companies have been using this strategy for years and buy likes and fans to stay successful. Because buying Likes is easy and still leads to a huge increase in reach.

What are relevance, reach and ranking? And why are they so important?


Relevance of your posts means their importance. The more likes, views and comments a post has, the more important your posts appear. Not only for other users, but also for the social networks themselves. Important posts are more likely to be suggested to other users. This is where reach comes into play. Posts are often suggested to friends by friends or fans. The more followers your account has, the higher your reach.

Your ranking describes your place in a ranking list of your social network. The better your ranking, the more important the social networks consider you. A good ranking also increases your reach, as posts are then shown to the friends of your fans’ friends, for example. When you Buy Likes, Buy Followers, Buy Comments and Buy Views, you can improve in all these points! And LikesAndMore helps you to do it.


How do you get maximum success from the buying strategy?

It is important to buy according to your profile. For example, a company will not look credible if it has only 50 followers but 10,000 likes and comments. At LikesAndMore you decide how many fans and likes you want to buy and where they should come from. This way you can tailor the services available with us so that your profile has exactly the effect on others as you would like it to have.

If you want to increase your social media success and buy likes quickly and easily, LikesAndMore is the right partner for you. We offer you over 100 different services for more than 15 different social media platforms. 

Try it out right now: buy followers, buy likes and buy views and let your social-media-reach grow! 

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